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smart software testing

Quality Spy is a modern software testing utility that has everything needed to power a robust testing process. Unlike traditional test management tools it does not only support test plans and their executions, but also first-grade support for exploratory tests with powerful test protocols. It won't take more than one hour to learn the basics of Quality Spy and it is instantly useful for smaller projects. But it won't stop there. If your projects are complex beasts, you can tame them with smart processes and great tooling at your hand.

We want you
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Test Strategy

Find the right test strategy for your project.

Test Plan

Design test plans with great productivity.

Test Runs

Your choice: exploratory or plan-based tests.

Test Protocols

Add issues with screenshots. Simple classification and tagging.

Slide Shows

Discuss issues in a slide show!

Lightweight Bug Tracking

Don't pile up bugs in a tracker. Use a simple schema for accepting, fixing and retesting issues.

Latest from the labs:

Publish test protocols to a WordPress blog!

A testing blog can can boost your project communication. You will be surprised how much a blog can change the communication culture!

The basic idea is to publish the results of a test run into a blog post. There, the information can be accessed quickly by all interested team members. Now it is really simple to get an impression about the quality state of the project!

All you need is a free (private) blog at WordPress.com or a self-installed WordPress blog with the JetPack extension. And of cause the WordPress Plugin for Quality Spy.

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three good reasons

Best Practices

We provide testing approaches that directly impact project success.

Test strategy, test plans and test protocols provide a solid fundament for your testing activities.


We streamlined test plans into checklists, issue tracking into test protocols and built communication-friendlyness right into the tooling.

On top we are proud of Quality Spy's productivity and performance.


Lightweight Bug Tracking, slideshow test protocols or blogged test documentation are just a few of our ideas.

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Test Smarter!

I’m Andreas Kleffel. Some years years ago I could build-up a small development team from scratch. Software testing turned out to be a delicate descipline, but we managed to implement good quality with a reasonable effort.

Achieving adaquate quality (whatever that is for your project or product) with reasonable effort turned out to be the crux that most development organizations have a hard time with.

Whereas some organizations have huge QA budgets and also very sophisticated practices, other organizations are saving money on behalf of poorer quality. That was the motivation to develop Quality Spy.

How is your testing going? Drop me a mail at andreas@qualityspy.org!